Facility911 Coalition Benefits: Facilities must take emergency planning seriously, and prepare now. Facilities face many challenges in a major crisis. Improper emergency planning can result in a wrongful death. Don't let this happen. The Facility911 Coalition can become an important resource to save lives and maintain quality of life as well as keep the facility in business after a crisis. We offer many valuable benefits when you purchase our four emergency planning manuals. What would the benefits be worth if we can save the life of one of your clients? Here are the benefits we offer you and the facility:

1. Facility Emergency Planning Resource Manual: Every facility is required to have a detailed written emergency plan. We have prepared a thirty-nine page quick reference facility manual of questions, checklists, and forms to add to or modify your current written emergency plan. To review the Table of Contents, Click icon Click to view the larger image

2. Staff Survival Training Manual: We also have prepared a thirty-nine page survival manual to train staff at home, at work, and in their car. They must do their family emergency planning in order to both meet the needs of the facility and their family. For a look at this manual's Table of Contents, Click icon Click to view the larger image

3. Injury, Illness Prevention Program: Every facility should have a program for addressing and reducing the occurrence of illness and injuries in the facility. We have developed a twenty- eight page program that you can use in your facility to minimize these events, and improve your workman’s compensation history. For a review of the Table of Contents, click icon Click to view the larger image

4. Staff Facility Training Emergency Manual: Proper Care and Supervision of clients are required 24 hours a day, even during a crisis. Leaving clients behind in a crisis is a possible criminal offense. This manual defines staff responsibilities, recommends policies, reviews facility emergency procedures, develops a workable emergency plan for staff to balance family and facility emergency demands in a crisis. For a review of the Table of Contents, click icon Click to view the larger image

We will email all manuals to you in PDF format including a three page certification form that upon completion should certify your facility emergency ready for most crisis. It is approximately 125 pages of text material.

5. Six Hour Emergency Planning Online Course: This course has been approved for six continuing education unit credits for facility administrators and nurses across the USA. Go to: EasyCEU.com for a review of the course. The course provides a comprehensive approach to facility emergency planning. Members will receive a $50 discount on the cost of the course. Simply E-mail us of your interest in taking the course so that we can notify the server of the discount. Contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

6. These questions will also be in your emergency planning binder. When you can honestly answer them with a positive “yes.” We will certify your facility as emergency ready and send you a certificate of completion which you can show for public viewing. This will be renewed annually.

7. Staff/Family Communication Link: Many times in a major crisis it is very difficult to complete communications within a danger zone where the crisis originated. However, communications can more easily be completed far away or better yet out of state. In an evacuation non-working staff and families of facility clients may not be able to connect with the facility. The Facility911 Coalition can be a communication link to direct these people and inform them of the current situation of the facility, its relocation site, and how to contact them. The facility would give us their current information, and we would enter it in our data bank to be retrieved by these interested parties during the crisis. A facility is required to provide care and supervision throughout the crisis so contacting non-working staff is critical to the facility emergency plan as well as informing families the location of their loved ones. This can be an important service to our Facility911 Coalition members. Our goal is to develop an important emergency communication link for facilities.

8. Facility911 Newsletter: Doing some emergency planning review in a facility is very important. Our Facility911 Coalition Newsletter is going to give a facility topical information to consider, implement, make changes, and improve emergency readiness. Questions that come up will be answered through the newsletter as well. New strategies, supplies, as well as fundamental approaches to crisis management will fill the pages of the newsletter via the internet. This will keep emergency planning in the forefront, help maintain greater readiness, and will result in decisions properly being made to save lives and quality of life in a crisis situation. This is an excellent way to combat complacency.

9. Emergency Supplies: Facilities will learn about special emergency supplies that they may not otherwise be aware of that will improve their readiness in an emergency.

10. Networking: Members will be able to interact with each other to assist each other in a small crisis situation like sharing transportation vehicles, hosting another facility’s clients in a temporary crisis situation, sharing resources, sharing ideas, and using the team approach to save lives and quality of life through our network of facilities who realize the importance of emergency planning and preparation NOW.

11. Questions: We will attempt to answer questions of facilities as long as the number is manageable. This may eventually become a blog for members to interact with us and other members to seek solutions and alternatives to your emergency planning needs. We will do our utmost to be of service to every member as we understand the significance of the lives of everyone under your care.

12. Your facility receives a One Year membership in the Facility911 Coalition when you purchase the four manuals and receive all the benefits. After one year when we recertify your facility there will be a nominal renewal fee of only $20.00.

Ed Lupton

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