1. Who should become members?

Membership is open to administrators, managers, and licensees at the assisted living level of care which includes elderly, developmentally disabled, and independent living. Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care facility Administrators/Directors, associations and other groups that work with facilities should also join and become part of the coalition that will help facilities prepare to get through a major crisis.

2. Why you should become a member?

Now is the time to become pro-active and ready a facility for a possible crisis. Prepare now before you get a call to evacuate or have to shelter in place. Take advantage of all the benefits listed on the website. Providing proper care and supervision during a crisis can be a challenge, and is critical in minimizing the effects of trauma on your clients.

This coalition is a team, and as such we can pool our resources to increase your level of emergency readiness, provide assistance during the crisis, and help the facility re-open its doors in the aftermath.
A. Take advantage of ALL the written material and benefits.
B. Ask questions regarding your emergency planning needs.
C. Use our resource center to communicate with staff and client family members in an evacuation.
D. Improve your readiness with some important emergency products.
E. Keep emergency planning in the forefront with our newsletter.

3. What is the cost of becoming a member?

There is a first year membership fee of only
$57.00 including emailing all materials in PDF format.

4. What are membership limitations?

We value the privacy of our member information. It will not be sold or shared. Therefore, spamming the membership base by a member for any reason is looked upon as illegal and is grounds for termination of membership privileges.

5. What kind of products will be offered?

Products will consist of emergency supplies and equipment. We will seek unique items that can save lives. You have the advantage of having us find key products for the facility and our ability to offer them to you at a very fair price.

We are offering 10 gallon per day air to water generators, but you can also inquire about industrial air to water generators producing 2000+ gallons of water.

In doing facility safety inspections, I found that most hallways had just security lights in case of a power outage. In a power outage and also in a fire where hallways fill with smoke, quickly finding your way to an exit may save lives. We will offer reflector tape as one of our products. It will be seen in darkness, and will direct people to exists. This is one example of an inexpensive product that will save lives. We will offer and advise you of many more.

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