As a member of the Facility911 Coalition you receive a binder that is a manual of manuals, and includes the following:

1. The facility manual is filled with information to prepare the facility and staff to react effectively in a crisis; properly respond to the demands of emergency situations; and recover quickly to normal in the aftermath. The quick reference, checklists, and forms easily assimilate facility emergency planning information as the basis for the facility mass casualty plan of action or it can be used as an addition to a facility’s existing emergency plan.

2. It is critical that staff do their own family emergency planning. In a crisis they may not be able to return to their families right away due to the necessary care and supervision responsibilities at the facility. You cannot leave medically fragile people unattended. To compensate we offer a manual for staff to use to prepare their families for emergencies at home, at work, and in their car. Proper planning will unite families in a crisis while maintaining proper facility care and supervision.

3. No emergency planning is effective without practice. It is through repetition that we gain experience to know what to do and how to react in a crisis situation. This manual suggests a variety of in service training options for staff to participate.

4. The final manual is for injury and illness prevention. This safety manual helps the facility minimize on the job injuries, lower workman compensation claims and rates, and help satisfy OSHA requirements. Keeping safety in the forefront will minimize employee time away from work from injury or accident resulting in better continuity of facility operations.

Also included in this manual of manuals is a series of questions for the facility administrator to complete to validate the Facility911 Coalition certification. Within ninety (90) days of becoming a member of our coalition we expect all of the facility certification questions to be properly answered. This validates the certification and gives it substance. It also forces the facility administrator to take the necessary steps to ready the facility for a crisis.

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